Slate Tiles

Black Slate
Black Slate
Brazilian Slate from £19.95/m² + vat..
Verde Slate
Verde Slate
Rich Green Slate..
Grey Green Slatee
Grey Green Slate
Most popular slate in the UK..
multicolour Slate
Multicolour Slate
Varied colour with iron deposits..
Grey Slate
Grey Slate
Neutral Grey Slate..
Multicolour slate strips
Multicolour Strips
Feature bands of narrow slate strips..
Black Honed Slate
Black Slate Honed
Brazilian Slate from £19.95/m² + vat..
Aubergine Slate
Aubergine Slate
Rich Purple Slate..
Green Slate honed
Green Slate Honed
Most popular slate in the UK..
Aubergine honed Slate
Aubergine Slate Honed
Smooth purple slate..
Grey Slate honed
Grey Slate Honed
Neutral Grey Slate..
Nickel Honed quartzite
Nickel Quartzite
Black to silver honed slate..
Green Quartzite
Green Quartzite
Honed metalic green quartzite..
Chinese Multicolour Slate Tiles
Chinese Multicolour Slate
Varied colour slate..
autumn slate
Autumn Slate
Warm brown to grey slate..
Oyster Slate
Rustic greeny beige slate..
Copper Quartzite Slate
Copper Quartzite
Metalic copper Quartz..
Silver Quartzite
Silver Quartzite
Metalic silvery quartzite..
Black slate strips
Black Slate Strips
Strips in various widths and lengths..
Grey green slate strips
Grey Green Slate Strips
Strips in various lengths and widths..
Autumn slate strips
Autumn Slate Strips
Strips in various widths and lengths..

STONE TILES DIRECT is working hard to make your project successful and affordable. ABOUT US

We offer Best quality hard wearing Brazilian slates in natural cleft finish,and Calibrated thickness. Black Slate, Green Slate, Grey Slate and Purple Slate in either honed or natural split finshes.

VANITY TOPS. We are able to make vanity tops and worktops in the Black and Green Grey slates. Please enquire.

See also our Quarzite in silver quartzite, Nickel Quartzite, Verde Quarzite and Copper quartzite tiles. 

Slate trancends design concepts, and can be used in a traditional form as paving but also in super modern urban scenarios as wall and floor coverings.

Browse our complete range of slate, travertine, marble and limestone tiles, antiqued stone flooring, heating pads and mosaic tiles, then call 020 7993 5437 to speak to one of our stone flooring experts, they’ll be happy to help with advice, information and orders for any of our natural stone tiles.