Limestone Tiles

Coral White Limestone

Coral White

Size inc vat ex vat
600 x 400 x 15mm £75.00 £62.50
600 x 600 x 15mm £81.60 £68.00
free lengths x 20mm £81.60 £68.00

Brushed Finish
600 x 400 x 15mm £75.00 £62.50


A hard white limestone with interesting fossils and a feint pink vein.. It is often overlooked that limestone is formed on ocean floors and is composed of millenia of calcium deposits formed by sea creatures falling to the sea bed. In this stone their remains are clearly visible with vertibrae still intact.

It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, showers and flooring of any nature.

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Limestone tiles are much easier to maintain than many would have you believe. It is advisable not to use traditional bathroom cleaners and scourers, but instead a mild ph soap. There are specialist soaps available such as Easy Care but many supermarkets now supply a Marseilles type soap for use on natural materials such as limestone, marble and wood.


Limestone Tiles

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